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Art is about beauty, passion, and enchantment.

Batanai Artworks is a Gallery of exceptional African art from Southern Africa. We provide the highest quality stone sculpture crafted by master sculptors - artwork with investment value.

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My Spirit

805 Artworks My Spirit -  medium

I am immensely proud of the image, and how it brings the diverse aspects of life into place. A man and woman, a pregnant womb showing the love that exists in all of us. This piece took 3 years to produce, and I was able to dissolve myself from all the worries of life when I worked on the piece.

My intention is to bury into the image many aspects of life and mysteries, along with fascination and hours of viewing while you look at it. I have combined joy with other emotions and feelings, and you will discover your own feelings when you look at it. This is a wonderful abstract piece that you will find stirs your own spirit just as mine was stirred when I created it.

I devoted much care to the detailing because this let me place my pride into the piece, and my son Tawanda spent many hours sharing his own feelings with me, as well as delicataly polishing and helping me to finish the work, sharing with me his own pride and fine-ness.

Artwork by fanie mutemasango